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The Function and Usage of Ceramic Fibreboard

Apr. 24, 2020

Brick kiln windshield is a product used to replace brick kiln refractory bricks, mainly used to improve the adjustability of tunnel kiln and reduce the temperature difference in the kiln.

The brick kiln windshield, whose scientific name is ceramic fiberboard, is a rigid refractory material of aluminum silicate series. The reason why it is used to replace traditional refractory bricks is because of the hidden safety hazards caused by the refractory brick hanging structure. As we all know, refractory bricks have high density, heavyweight, easy to fall off, high thermal conductivity, and serious heat loss. Under a high-temperature environment, obvious extrapolation stress is generated on both sides of the kiln wall, so the risk of brick collapse is worrying.

At the same time, ceramic fiberboard has entered people's vision. Ceramic fiber fire shield, also known as a lightweight windshield, weighs only 1/7 of refractory bricks, and its thermal conductivity accounts for 1/10 of traditional materials. It will not be damaged at a high temperature of 1200 degrees and the thermal conductivity will not increase, And construction is fast, maintenance is simple, the cost is flat or even lower than refractory bricks. Ceramic fiber insulation supplier introduces you to the application and installation of a ceramic fiberboard.


Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board

The role of ceramic fiber board for sale is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Pre-tropical zone: Seal the kiln air curtain and isolate it from the outside to prevent heat loss.

2. Inside the dry belt: reduce hot gas stratification, make the temperature uniform, and prevent cracking of burnt products.

3. Firing zone: adjust the pressure in the kiln, increase the stirring of the hot flue gas, and reduce the temperature difference in the same section in the kiln.

4. Cooling belt: adjust the temperature through the setting of the windshield to ensure product quality and avoid cooling cracking.


In order to reduce the temperature difference, the combined structure of the fire shield is adopted. In the pre-tropical zone, the optimal number of fire barriers is 2-3: at the junction of the pre-tropical zone and the low-temperature zone of the firing zone, the optimal number of fire barriers is 1 channel: In the high-temperature zone, the optimal number of fire baffles is 1-2; at the junction of the high-temperature zone of the firing zone and the quench zone of the cooling zone, the optimal number of fire baffles is 1-2: At the junction with the slow cooling zone, the optimal number of fire shields is 1-2: in the cooling zone slow cooling zone, the optimal number of fire shields is 3-5. If there are special circumstances, the product needs to be determined according to the specific situation.


(1) Check and check the materials needed

High-aluminum ceramic fiberboard, clips (2 pieces per board), tie bars (4 pieces per board), bolts and nuts, high-aluminum ceramic fiber blanket

(2) The renovation of the old kiln roof requires excavation of the covering soil on the top of the ring and the removal of the previous heavy windshield bricks.

(3) The plate height of the kiln car bracket is flush with the bottom of the original windshield brick.

(4) Each windshield adopts two layers of 50mm thick ceramic fiber boards to be overlapped and used. Generally, after the heavyweight windshield bricks are taken out, the gap width left is about 120 mm. The 20mm gap can be folded and compressed with a fiber blanket to squeeze and plug it tightly to prevent the flame from escaping.

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