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Application Fields of Related Products Such As Fine Ceramic Fiberboard

Apr. 30, 2020

The main components of the ceramic fiber board are SiO2 and Al2O3, without asbestos, using natural fiber as the main raw material. According to the purity of alumina and the ingredients, the 24-hour temperature resistance can reach 850 ℃ -1350 ℃, which is a fire-resistance A higher class of thermal insulation material is widely used in various industrial kiln backings and thermal insulation in high-temperature environments.

In addition to the excellent performance of ceramic fiber cotton in bulk, the ceramic fiberboard has a hard texture, excellent toughness, and strength, and has excellent wind erosion resistance. The bulk density of ceramic fiberboard can be 240-380kg / m3, which can be selected according to the functional requirements of different equipment. For example, boards with a bulk density below 300 are commonly used as backing insulation, while those above 350 are mostly fire barriers, which are generally used to directly contact the flame to block fire.

Ceramic fiber board for sale is a rigid and tough fiber insulation product with supporting strength. Due to its strong toughness, when used as an insulating backing, it can absorb and digest refractory bricks or refractory casting materials in time. In the expansion generated during the process, cracks caused by stress caused by bricks or castables are avoided, and the product strength and application effect are not damaged at all. Ceramic fiberboard is non-expandable, lightweight, easy to construct, and can be cut and bent at will. After construction, it can be put into production without an oven, shortening the production cycle, and reducing production costs. It is a kiln, pipeline, and other insulation equipment. Ideal energy-saving materials.

Generally, the insulation of large-scale heating devices usually adopts the method of ceramic fiber module + blanket for insulation. First, the structure is more mature in the application, and the heat insulation effect is remarkable. On the other hand, large equipment means that there is enough space reserved for the insulation layer, usually not less than 330mm insulation thickness; The structure requires a sense of regular space. If the furnace wall is undulated or the surface is uneven, the firmness and tightness will be greatly reduced, so it is not recommended.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board

Such as high-temperature curved surface equipment, or under low thermal insulation requirements, ceramic fiber blankets are often used for thermal insulation. For example, high-temperature pipeline insulation is generally wrapped with several layers of ceramic fiber blankets and bundled with heat-resistant steel wires; for example, lime kiln insulation is mostly structured with a large ceramic fiber blanket vertically tiled.

Ceramic fiberboard is more powerful. If the wind speed is high, or it needs to be placed in the flame to block the fire, or it needs refractory materials with rigidity and load-bearing capacity, ceramic fiberboard is the best choice. For example, the roof windshield of the vaulted tunnel kiln can effectively balance the temperature in the open flame furnace, save coal consumption, and improve the firing quality of red bricks; the addition of a backing plate in the pouring furnace lining has greatly reduced Heat loss while saving energy and reducing consumption, improve product quality and extend furnace life.

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