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Common Method for Fixing and Installing Ceramic Fiber Blanket

May. 08, 2020

In recent years, along with the economy level and significantly improve production technology, the making craft of ceramic fiber also has the quite obvious improvement, combined with the demands for quality of life of people more and more severe, more and more manufacturers have begun to not content with the present state of thermal insulation material of heat preservation and heat insulation, so the ceramic fiber blanket also arises at the historic moment. Ceramic fiber insulation supplier introduces the common method of Ceramic Fiber blanket fixing and installation:

One, ceramic fiber blanket stack type fixed construction method

1, the stack type lining refractory fiber ceramic fiber blanket, should be cut neatly according to the design size.

2, each bundle of refractory fiber should be pre-compressed, the compression degree should be the same, the compression rate should be 15%~20%.

3. The support plate and fixed pin fixed through the string shall be welded firmly, and the welding quality shall be checked one by one. Wall support plates should be horizontal and pins should be vertical. Pin center distance should be 250~300mm.

4. When fixed with a pin, the compressed ceramic fiber blanket shall penetrate into the predetermined position to the layer support plate. The movable pin shall be inserted vertically into the refractory fiber blanket according to the design requirements without deflection or omission.

5. After being fixed with a pin, the ceramic fiber blanket should be close to the inner layer. All ceramic fiber blankets should be squeezed at the seams.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Two. Adhesive fixation construction method for ceramic fiber blanket

1, paste method construction of ceramic fiber blanket, can be used along the way.

2, with paste method before construction, should be pasted in the surface, according to the size of each tie grid, in order to ensure that the fire-resistant fiber blanket straight and close.

3, in the burner, smoke vent, holes, and other parts of the ceramic fiber blanket should be cut into the corresponding strip or block (to facilitate the construction of the principal), the direction of its arrangement should be perpendicular to its surrounding.

4, when the design requirements of ceramic fiber blanket) with steel mesh, steel mesh should be firmly spot welding on the furnace shell. Steel plate mesh should be flat, the thickness of steel plate mesh should be 1~1.5mm.

5. Paste construction should be carried out from top to bottom. When working from bottom to top, do not drop the binder on the already pasted ceramic fiber blanket.

6, paste method bonding ceramic fiber blanket, the binder should be daubed evenly, full. Refractory fiber felt coated with a binder, should be immediately stuck in the predetermined position, and pressed with a wooden trowel, make it stick. When pasting and pressing, do not push already pasting good adjacent ceramic fiber blanket, in the case already pasting good ceramic fiber blanket is destroyed and cannot be used.

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