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Why Are Mineral Wool Boards so Popular?

Mar. 27, 2020

Before learning to use a material, you must fully understand its characteristics and properties, so we first come to the characteristics and related properties of the mineral wool board.

01. Do you know the basics of these mineral wool boards? 

Rock wool pipe supplier share with you:

Mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing board, referred to as the mineral wool board, is made of granular cotton (smelting industrial waste slag, melted at high temperature) as the main raw material, adding other additives, after batching, forming, drying, embossing, coating, cutting and other processes Processed.

Mineral Wool Board

Mineral Wool Board

The question is, why is the mineral wool board loved by many people? After reading its characteristics, you should understand.

· Sound absorption and noise reduction

The mineral wool board is a porous material. Fibers are intertwined into numerous micropores. Sound waves hit the surface of the material, part of it is reflected back, part of it is absorbed by the board, and part of the board enters the back cavity through the board. Effectively control and reduce room reverberation time. NRC is a parameter representing the sound absorption performance of a material. The NRC of the mineral wool board is generally between 0.5 ~ 0.7, and the NRC of the high sound-absorbing mineral wool board can reach 0.85, which is beyond the reach of other smallpox materials.

· Sound insulation

In public places, it is not only necessary to absorb the noise in the environment, but also to block the noise outside the environment. Ordinary mineral wool boards do not have sound insulation. A special sound-processing layer on the back of the mineral wool board has a sound insulation layer, which can effectively block the upper layer of noise and create a quiet indoor environment.

· Fire protection

Fire resistance is the primary concern in the design of modern public buildings and high-rise buildings. The mineral wool board is made of non-combustible granular cotton as the main raw material. It will not burn when a fire occurs, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire. And because of the small deformation and long fire resistance time, it can fully extend the escape time, which is the most ideal fireproof ceiling material.

· Moisture proof

High-quality mineral wool boards are moisture-proof, and will not deform or mold in long-term use. For example, mineral wool boards with moisture resistance coefficients of RH85, RH90, and RH99 represent resistance to deformation in environments where the relative humidity is up to 85%, 90%, and 99% and the room temperature is below 40 ° C (104 ° F). The higher the number, the better the moisture resistance.

But looks so "excellent" mineral wool board, there are shortcomings ~

Disadvantages of the mineral wool board:

1) The sound absorption and sound insulation effects of the sound-absorbing panels of mineral wool board ceilings often need to reduce the density, make them hollow, or punch holes. These methods will significantly reduce the strength of the mineral wool board and cause easy damage during lifting.

2) The surface of the sound-absorbing panel of the mineral wool board ceiling is white, which is easy to be affected by other volatile solvents and yellowing. It is recommended to finish the installation.

3) Due to the unevenness of the spraying process of the mineral wool board ceiling, the problem of color difference is more prominent, so you should check the color yourself when buying. Sanding boards and embossed boards often drop dust and are not recommended for use in humid environments.

02. What are the common classifications of the mineral wool board?

Different manufacturers have different processing techniques for the surface of mineral wool boards. There are four main treatment methods: roller flower, pinhole, sandblasting and laminating. These treatment methods have caused the main differences in appearance and performance.

Roller flower: visual effects of different surface depth, shape, and size

Typical patterns-New Starry Sky, Skyray

Pinhole: Micro-hole treatment, greatly improve sound absorption performance

Typical patterns-stars, lucky stars

Sandblasting: the surface is covered with sand-like particles, which has better reflectivity and moisture resistance

Typical pattern-Olympia (no holes, holes)

Lamination: exquisite appearance, delicate and soft, with high moisture resistance

Typical patterns-excellence, calmness, Metz

Of course, there are also some more artistic treatments, such as three-dimensional strips on the surface, and checkered panels with concave and convex effects.

Typical pattern-three-dimensional bar

Installation: The base layer needs to be flat, and the board should be pasted to the base layer, so as to achieve a beautiful and sound-absorbing effect.

03. What are the fixing methods for mineral wool board ceilings?

The mineral wool board needs to be hoisted through a steel keel. According to whether the keel 

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