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Knowledge of Ceramic Fiberboard

Apr. 03, 2020

One: Types of ceramic fibers: The main types of ceramic fibers are: ordinary aluminum silicate fibers, high aluminosilicate fibers, aluminum silicate fibers, polycrystalline alumina fibers, and polycrystalline mullite fibers. With the development of time, foreign countries have successfully developed, of course, or are developing some new ceramic fiber varieties, such as forsterite fiber and so on.

Today, Ceramic fiber insulation supplier introduces ceramic fiber board.

Two. What is Ceramic Fiber Board?

Ceramic fiberboard is also called aluminum silicate fiberboard, which is a kind of refractory material. What is refractory? As the name suggests: it can maintain good mechanical strength even after heating. Ceramic fiberboard is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly product with low thermal conductivity and low heat storage, which belongs to heavy refractory materials.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board

Three. What is the production principle of ceramic fiberboard?

The raw material for ceramic fiber board is blown fiber. The reason why the blown fiber is chosen is that the fiber is short, thin, and easily broken and mixed. On this basis, we add a certain proportion of binders and filler-grade additives; they are fully dispersed into a slurry through a beater and a mixing tank. Pump it into the forming tank and stir it with compressed air. Put the mold into the forming pool, and use the principle of vacuum to make the fiber slurry adsorb on the mold. At the same time, we need to precisely control the adsorption time, vacuum dewatering and demoulding the fiber wet material, and finally put it on a tray and send it to a drying oven for drying for 10-24 hours. Finally, by passing the dried fiberboard through a special grinding machine and trimming machine, we can precisely control the size!

To put it simply, a ceramic fiber board is actually a fire shield made of ceramic fibers, binders, and additives through pulping, forming, curing, and drying.

Four. What are the characteristics of ceramic fiberboard?

In addition to the excellent performance of ceramic fiber cotton in bulk, ceramic fiber board also has the product's hard texture, excellent toughness and strength, and excellent resistance to wind erosion.

So, what are the characteristics of ceramic fiber board for sale? After careful observation, I learned that ceramic fiberboard has the following 7 characteristics:

1. High compressive strength and long service life.

2. Low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity.

3. Non-brittle material and good toughness.

4. It is not only accurate in size but also good in flatness.

5. Good flexibility, easy cutting, and convenient construction.

6, itself has excellent resistance to wind erosion.

7, can be continuous production, the fiber distribution is uniform, and the performance is stable.

Five. What are the application fields of ceramic fiberboard?

1. It can be used in the field of backing insulation of furnaces in the building materials industry such as cement.

2. In the petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, and glass industries, the kiln backing cannot be separated without the ceramic fiber board.

3. The backing of the heat treatment furnace is insulated.

4. Non-ferrous metal industry backing insulation.

5, high temperature reaction, heating equipment, backing, heat insulation.


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