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Rock wool exterior wall insulation board construction steps and points

Jan. 04, 2020

Step 1: Hanging the baseline with the base line treatment and the bomb control line. To ensure the flatness and verticality of the rock wool board installation meet the requirements, the bomb control line and the hook baseline are required.

(1) Grass-roots treatment: the wall surface should be cleaned, oil stains, and floating ash cleaned. The loose and weathered part of the wall should be removed. Check whether the leveling layer meets the requirements, and the insulation construction can be carried out only after the grass-roots level is qualified.

(2) Spring line control: According to the actual building facade design (or individual engineering design) and exterior wall insulation engineering requirements, the horizontal and vertical control lines of external doors and windows, expansion joints, decorative seams, etc. are popped up on the wall.

(3) Hanging the reference line: Hanging vertical reference steel lines at the large corners (male and female) of the building's exterior wall and other necessary places, and hanging horizontal lines at appropriate positions on each floor to control the verticality and flatness of the rock wool board.

Note: The vertical line spacing must be the same, and the distance between the vertical line and the wall is the thickness of the insulation layer.

Step 2: Preparation of WAE-202 adhesive for rock wool board

Pour a certain amount of clean water into a clean plastic bucket. Use a hand-held electric mixer to add adhesive powder while stirring. The amount of liquid is about 20% of the powder. Stir well for 5-7 minutes until the mixture is uniform and thick Moderate, leave to mature for 5 minutes; when in use, stir again before using.

Remember: Stir well, viscosity ensure that the building partitions rock wool board just pasted does not sag, do not add too much water; note that the polymer modified adhesive only needs to add clean water, and other additives such as cement, sand, antifreeze Other foreign objects; note that the adjusted adhesive should be used up within 2 hours, and the use of outdated ash is strictly prohibited; be sure to clean the tools in time after the work.

Check: Experience to observe the well-mixed adhesive uniform, good condition, fresh, and suitable consistency.

Step 3: Interface treatment of rock wool board

The standard size of the rock wool board is 1200 × 600mm. The deviation of the specifications and appearance dimensions of the rock wool board is within the specified range. Before the construction of bonding the insulation board with an adhesive, a surface treatment layer must be applied on the insulation rock wool board.

The method of surface treatment layer is: the outer surface of the rock wool board needs to be coated with a moderately thick layer of adhesive (thickness of about 1mm). The construction of this layer of mortar must be smoothed with a stainless steel flat blade to force the glue into Rock wool fiber filaments. After the surface treatment layer has dried a bit, you can prepare a cloth glue.

Inspection: Check the cutting specifications and size of rock wool board by experience. The interfacial layer mortar is wrapped in the fiber of the surface layer of the rock wool board.

External Wall Rock Wool Insulation Board

External Wall Rock Wool Insulation Board

Step 4: Rock wool board cloth glue

(1) Grid cloth pretreatment is required at the place where the grid cloth is turned over: In the detail processing part of the external wall, the narrow-wound standard grid cloth must be pre-applied at the port of the rock wool board. 100mm.

(2) When sticking rock wool, the adhesive should be coated on the back of the rock wool. The glued part should correspond to the anchor. The edge of the board should be coated with about 80mm wide adhesive. The actual effective bonding area between the board and the foundation wall should not be less than 60 of the area of the rock wool board. The sides of the board must not be painted or stained with adhesive. The gap between the boards must not be greater than 1mm and the height difference between the boards must not be greater than 1.5mm.

Inspection: experience inspection of rubber cloth specification, uniformity, dosage guarantee, good adhesion of rubber cloth on rock wool board, fresh rubber material.

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