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How to Choose Horizontal and Vertical Fireproof Rock Wool Board?

Jun. 28, 2020

Today's high-quality Fire Resistance Rock Wool Board is based on basalt and other natural ores as the main raw material. After the meeting, the internationally advanced four-roller centrifugal cotton making process is used to pull the high-temperature basalt wool solution into 4 ~7μm non-continuous fiber, then add a certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, water-repellent agent to the rock wool fiber, through sedimentation, curing, cutting and other processes, according to different uses to make a series of products with different densities. The main difference of fireproof rock wool board on the market is the physical distribution of fibers, which are divided into layered and pleated, also known as horizontal and vertical yarns.

The main difference between horizontal and vertical wires of fireproof rock wool board is because of different production processes.

Rock Wool Board Manufacturer

Rock Wool Board Manufacturer

The horizontal wire fireproof rock wool board is produced according to the settlement process. The main production process of the sedimentation method is that the high-temperature melt is blown by centrifugation to form rock wool fibers, which accumulate on the conveyor belt of the sedimentation chamber. After reaching a certain thickness, they enter the curing furnace through the pressure roller, and the fiber of the rock wool is settled in the sedimentation chamber. It is a plane distribution, and the density and uniformity of the binder are poor, which affects the compressive properties of the board and the bonding strength between the layers.

The vertical wire fireproof rock wool board is a rock wool insulation board produced according to the hammer or three-dimensional rock wool production process. The pendulum method is based on the settlement method, by improving the cotton collection method, the thinner rock wool layer is collected by the collection belt, and the pendulum is layered one by one to reach a certain number of layers and thickness, and then pressurized The rollers are pressed and solidified in a curing furnace, and then finished in cooling, cutting, packaging and other processes. This method improves the uniformity of the cotton layer and the binder contained, and due to the slope generated when the cotton is laid, the fibers are partially distributed vertically, so the compressive strength and interlayer bonding strength are improved.

Similarly, the three-dimensional rock wool is an uncured rock wool layer formed by stacking the pendulum method, and the distribution direction of the cotton layer is mechanically changed to form a high-strength three-dimensional rock wool product. High compressive strength, not easy to delaminate and peel.

The rock wool board produced by these three methods has great differences in physical properties. The rock wool board of the settlement method basically has no peel strength, while the rock wool board of the pendulum method has a peel strength of more than 14 kPa. The three-dimensional method The anti-peeling strength of the rock wool board is greater than 22 kPa; the compressive strength of the 10% compressive strength settlement rock wool board is less than 20 kPa, while the pendulum rock wool board can reach more than 40 kPa, and the three-dimensional rock wool board can reach 60. kPa or more. It is precise because of the different production processes that the produced rock wool board has different horizontal and vertical threads on the fiber arrangement.

There is a certain difference in the physical properties of horizontal wire and vertical wire rock wool board, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, etc. The vertical rock wool band is 1-2 times higher in tensile strength than the horizontal bulk rock wool sliver with the same bulk density, the compressive strength is similar, and the thermal conductivity is slightly lower than the horizontal wool rock sliver. The vertical silk rock wool belt overcomes the shortcomings of the low tensile strength of the horizontal silk rock woolt and can meet the requirements of external wall insulation. We are the Rock Wool Board manufacturer, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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