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Types and Applications of Glass Wool Insulation

Aug. 21, 2020

With the increasing requirements for building environmental protection, glass wool has become an insulation material, and environmental protection has become the most concerned issue of the world's people. Global warming and mountains of garbage have greatly affected the earth's environment, so the concept of green buildings came into being.  Green building is a comprehensive environmental protection building in terms of building materials, construction technology, and even garbage disposal.  It is a major trend in construction and a favorable factor for environmental protection. Here, the application of building insulation can save energy in the heating and cooling process of buildings, and the recycling of materials is simpler and more convenient. Glass wool insulation material comes from natural sources and has little environmental pollution. It is our favorite insulation material.

Glass Wool Insulation

Glass Wool Insulation

So what are the excellent characteristics of Glass Wool Insulation?

1. Thermal insulation performance-production of glass wool.  First, the glass wool is simulated into fibers by a centrifuge, and then through processes such as precipitation, curing, and cutting, a product similar to felt is produced. The pores between the glass fibers form a natural air layer, which enhances the heat insulation of the glass itself.  It is a good insulation material.

2. Sound insulation performance-when sound passes through the glass wool, the sound energy is converted into heat energy through the tiny vibration of the fiber, thereby reducing the sound transmission.

3. Fire resistance-because the glass itself is similar to crystal, it is a relatively high-temperature resistant material. The highest temperature can reach 250℃, suitable for residential use, and has stronger fire resistance.

Types and applications of glass wool

1. Glass wool felt-products are widely used in factories, warehouses, cold storage, breeding and planting insulation sheds, steel structure buildings, stadiums, exhibition centers, and various indoor playgrounds.

2. Glass wool board- glass wool board is divided into two categories: non-stick board and composite pasteboard.  Products are widely used in industrial and residential building exterior wall insulation systems, air conditioning energy-saving, and other fields.

3. Glass wool tube-this product is superfine glass wool added with resin adhesive to heat and solidify into tubular insulation material.  Aluminum foil can be pasted on the surface.  It has the characteristics of moisture and radiation protection. It is mainly used for the insulation of petroleum, chemical and civil pipelines.

4. Glass wool felt: The wall and roof systems of joint ventures, unit residences, office buildings, public buildings, and other places use glass wool felt with high-performance requirements.  It not only provides special indoor comfort but also has excellent energy-saving and noise-reduction effects recognized by the market. The important thing is that construction and installation are convenient and quick.

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