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The Basic Structure of Polyurethane Insulation Pipe

Aug. 05, 2020

Polyurethane insulation pipe is a common pipe component in the construction process. Because of the superior performance of the polyurethane insulation pipe, the application range of this kind of insulation pipe is very wide. However, although polyurethane insulation pipes are widely used, there are still many people who are not very clear about the specific structure of polyurethane insulation pipes. So what is the basic structure of polyurethane insulation pipes? Let's take a look together!

Polyurethane insulation pipe is a kind of pipeline. Because of the excellent insulation performance of the polyurethane insulation pipe itself, it is very energy-saving in the process of transporting media. Not only that, but polyurethane insulation pipes can also prevent heat loss and pipeline rupture. It is precise because of these advantages of polyurethane insulation pipes that this type of pipe has a long service life and low cost. In addition, the polyurethane insulation pipe is simple to operate, easy to maintain in the later stage, and does not take up space. Now it has been increasingly used in various projects.

Polyurethane Insulation Pipe

Polyurethane Insulation Pipe

Let us take a closer look at polyurethane insulation pipe:

Polyurethane foam insulation pipe is divided into three layers, namely the protective layer, the insulation layer, and the leak-proof layer. As the name suggests, the outer protective layer material of the pipeline is used to prevent corrosion and extend the service life of the pipeline. Most of the materials used are glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, polyethylene materials, or other materials with excellent characteristics. The second layer is an insulating layer, usually made of rigid polyurethane foam to prevent heat loss. There are also three laying methods for polyurethane insulation pipes: direct buried, overhead laying, and trench laying.

The main advantages of polyurethane insulation pipe:

1. This kind of pipe has good heat preservation performance, and heat loss is very small during the transportation process. Compared with the traditional pipe, it is only one-fourth of the traditional pipe. In this way, the long-term use of this energy-saving pipeline can save a lot of energy.

2. This kind of pipeline construction is very convenient, that is, the overall cost is relatively low, and it has strong corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

3. Polyurethane insulation pipe has a particularly long service life.

4. Because of the particularity of polyurethane insulation pipes, in the production process, the production cost of polyurethane insulation pipes is very low, which leads to a very suitable price of polyurethane. During installation, if polyurethane insulation pipes are used, a lot of installation costs can be saved.

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