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Why Is Rock Wool Board Most Favored Among Insulation Materials?

Sep. 09, 2020

Custom Rock Wool Board is a kind of material that is very common in current construction and decoration, whether it is a high-cost construction team or a small area of home decoration, it will be used material.

1. What is rock wool board

Rock wool insulation board is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials. After melting, it adopts the international advanced four-roll centrifugal cotton-making process to spin the basalt high-temperature melt into 4-7μm discontinuous fibers. A certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, and water repellent is added to rock wool fiber, and after sedimentation, solidification, cutting, and other processes, series of products with different densities are made according to different purposes. Rock wool insulation board products are suitable for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, construction, and ships.

2. The basic technology of rock wool board

Rock wool products are made of high-quality natural rocks (such as basalt dolomite) as the main raw materials. The raw materials are melted in a cupola at a high temperature greater than 1450 ℃, and a small amount of binder is injected into the four-roll centrifuge to cure and heat. Processed into rock wool insulation blanket-like pipes and plates, it has the highest fire rating A1. It has higher compressive and tensile strength, lower water absorption and moisture absorption while preventing fire insulation, sound absorption, and noise reduction. It has the advantages of good dimensional stability, aging resistance, etc., can be better compatible with the external wall system, basically the same life as the building structure, and provides effective heat preservation, energy saving, fire protection, and extreme weather protection for the building.

Rock Wool Insulation Board

Rock Wool Insulation Board

3. Seven advantages of Rock Wool Insulation Board

1. Fire prevention

The raw material of rock wool is natural volcanic rock, which is a non-combustible building material and fireproof material.

2. Thermal insulation

Rock wool fiber is slender and flexible, with low slag ball content. Therefore, the thermal conductivity is low and the heat preservation effect is excellent.

3. Sound absorption and noise reduction

Rock wool is an ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that rock wool is an excellent sound-absorbing and noise-reducing material.

4. Hydrophobicity

The water-repellent rate of the water-repellent rock wool product can reach 99.9%; the water absorption rate is extremely low and there is no capillary penetration.

5. Moisture resistance

Rock wool has a volume moisture absorption rate of less than 0.2% in an environment with high relative humidity; it is tested according to ASTM1104 or ASTM1104M, and its mass moisture absorption rate is less than 0.3%.

6. Non-corrosive

Rock wool is chemically stable, with a PH value of 7-8, which is neutral or weakly alkaline and has no corrosion to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal materials.

7. Safety, environmental protection, and energy saving

Rock wool has been tested and does not contain asbestos, CFC, HFC, HCFC, and other substances harmful to the environment. It Will not be corroded or produce mildew and bacteria.

4. Application of rock wool board

Used for heat preservation and fire insulation of ships and sound insulation of fire partition keel; water-repellent rock wool board is used for vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage projects, air-conditioning pipes, heat preservation and fire protection in humid environments, and applications that have certain requirements for moisture resistance.

Rock wool board for construction has excellent fire resistance, heat preservation, and sound absorption properties. It is mainly used for heat preservation and sound insulation of building walls and roofs; fire protection and noise reduction of building partitions, firewalls, fire doors, and elevator shafts.


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